[ubuntu-uk] serious advice

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Fri Nov 16 05:43:16 GMT 2007

Alan Pope wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 08:44 +0000, Jim Kissel wrote:
>>   Should be here today.  Where did 
>> you order your's from?  
> RM. 

Have they delivered?  If not have the given any indication of when they 
will deliver?  Why?  I've noticed eBuyer and Dabs are sold out.  Dabs 
shows "Due in 3-4 weeks"!

>> If you or anyone you know are working on getting 
>> Ubutnu running on the eeePC, please let me/the group know.
> http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,1000000567,10006278o-2000331777b,00.htm
> http://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=233&t=427281&last=3902234
> I probably won't put Ubuntu on it initially, but leave the existing
> software install for Sophie & Clare. 
> Then maybe I'll buy the 10" version when it comes out next year for
> myself :)

I too would like a 10" version, though I'm not prepared to wait till the 
  next of forever to get my hands on one.  Dabs just delivered my 701 
Thursday afternoon.  My initial impression of the 701 is it much nicer 
than the Classmate.  Better (bigger) keyboard.  The case build quality 
seems better.

People choose Microsoft Windows for their PC in the same manner
that the citizens of Soviet Russia elected the General Secretary
of the Communist Party during the cold war.

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