[ubuntu-uk] eee PC, was Serious Advice

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Fri Nov 16 10:46:55 GMT 2007

Alan Pope wrote:
>>> Then maybe I'll buy the 10" version when it comes out next year for
>>> myself :)
>> I too would like a 10" version, though I'm not prepared to wait till the 
>>   next of forever to get my hands on one.  Dabs just delivered my 701 
>> Thursday afternoon.  My initial impression of the 701 is it much nicer 
>> than the Classmate.  Better (bigger) keyboard.  The case build quality 
>> seems better.
> I'm surprised you say the build quality is better. I find the build
> quality of the classmate to be pretty good. It's quite robust.
> Especially compared to the OLPC. But then I have not handled an Eee PC
> yet.

I was worried about the 701 build quality, being all plastic, but from 
the moment I opened the box, all my worries faded.  I  only had access 
to the classmate for about 10 minutes, so my initial impressions of it 
could be wrong and/or fading.

Fancy a face2face to compare the two?

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