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Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 3 18:52:36 GMT 2007

Hi Norman,

On Sat, 2007-11-03 at 14:41 +0000, norman wrote:

> Fortunate man although perhaps I should explain what I meant by suitable
> cable. It seems that over the last year or so digital cable has been
> used for analogue connections and, of course, connections to dishes is
> always in digital cable. It looks very similar to analogue cable from
> the outside and is only one or two pence per metre more expensive. For
> instance, I had a new aerial some 4 0r 5 years ago and the cable used
> was digital compliant.

As an electronic engineer, I am genuinely interested - what exactly is
"digital compliant" cable?

I've seen this said before and am quite interested if anyone has any
links as to what the difference is. Given the distances involved in
using this cable and the fact it has a great big antenna on one end I
would be interested in any claims of improving selectivity or reducing
interference because.

Dougie Richardson

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