[ubuntu-uk] Freeview

norman norman at littletank.org
Sat Nov 3 14:41:15 GMT 2007

> On Sat, 2007-11-03 at 12:11 +0000, norman wrote:
> > No one seems to have mentioned it so I will. Make sure that you have
> > digital quality cable from your aerial to the box.
> > 
> > Norman
> Normal cable worked fine for me, and I'm in a no signal area, using an
> analogue aerial.

Fortunate man although perhaps I should explain what I meant by suitable
cable. It seems that over the last year or so digital cable has been
used for analogue connections and, of course, connections to dishes is
always in digital cable. It looks very similar to analogue cable from
the outside and is only one or two pence per metre more expensive. For
instance, I had a new aerial some 4 0r 5 years ago and the cable used
was digital compliant.


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