[ubuntu-uk] Freeview

norman norman at littletank.org
Sat Nov 3 20:49:13 GMT 2007

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> As an electronic engineer, I am genuinely interested - what exactly is
> "digital compliant" cable?
> I've seen this said before and am quite interested if anyone has any
> links as to what the difference is. Given the distances involved in
> using this cable and the fact it has a great big antenna on one end I
> would be interested in any claims of improving selectivity or reducing
> interference because.

Perhaps the terms I used are not technically correct. My experience is
as follows:- I bought a length of 10 metres of what I call ordinary TV
cable, from my local hardware shop and used it run an extension to my
computer so as to run Mythtv on digital channels. When I came to scan
for channels there was insufficient signal strength to get a lock. So,
with digital TV in mind, I replaced the cable with a length of so called
sky cable and the signal strength was much better and Mythtv worked.

The cross section of the two cables is quite different and I suspect
there is a difference in impedance and is really nothing to do with the
difference between digital and analogue signals signals, or is it?


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