[ubuntu-uk] Dell Ubuntu pricing revealed...

Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Sat May 26 15:53:20 BST 2007

On 26/05/07, LeeUKHA <mailinglists at varga.co.uk> wrote:
> I went direct to Dell's website, and compared an Inspiron E1505N laptop
> (the Linux version) with an MS E1505.
> At first glance, the Linux version is cheaper, until you realise, it's
> only got half the RAM and onboard graphics. Add those to the list and
> it's $29 more expensive than the MS version...

I thought I would take a look myself.

And the first problem I hit?
Where is the Ubuntu option?
I clicked laptops and only got Windows. Had to go back to front page
and reload till it came up with the Ubuntu banner, this is NOT a good

Identical Processors,
OS: Windows Vista Home Basic, Ubuntu (no support option).
Identical LCDs
Memory: Windows was 1GB, Ubuntu 512MB, upgraded to 1GB for $50
Identical hard drives
Identical optical drives
Graphics: Can't match no options are the same for both
The Windows ATI card may be on special offer so might be artificially
lower price
Could upgrade to nvidia for $79 (option not taken).
(skipping Windows only options: sound, mobile broadband and printers)
Identical batteries
Wireless cards, upgrading windows wireless card to match Ubuntu's at a
cost of $29

Software for windows box set to "none" for all options.

Final prices:

Windows: $728
Ubuntu:  $649

Would have reduced cost of Windows box if I hadn't upgrade the wifi
card, not much functionality out of that upgrade anyway ($29)
Are the Graphics equivalent? Should I have upped the Ubuntu graphics ($79)

with the increased graphics it would have cost:
Windows: $728
Ubuntu: $728
(hmm identical price)

If I hadn't bothered pointlessly upgrading the Windows WiFi then the
Windows machine would have been $29 cheaper than Ubuntu.

So it all hinges on what you think is comparable?

Of course i there was an Ubuntu option under the OS components it
would be much easier to see what Windows was costing, and easier to
find Ubuntu!


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