[ubuntu-uk] Dell Ubuntu pricing revealed...

Mark Jose kernowyon at kernowyon.co.uk
Sat May 26 15:21:16 BST 2007

On Saturday 26 May 2007 15:03, LeeUKHA wrote:

> I went direct to Dell's website, and compared an Inspiron E1505N laptop
> (the Linux version) with an MS E1505.
> At first glance, the Linux version is cheaper, until you realise, it's
> only got half the RAM and onboard graphics. Add those to the list and
> it's $29 more expensive than the MS version...
> So I'm not sure where "Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden" gets the $50
> cheaper from...
> Lee :(

That seems to be a common trait with PC sellers - they assume that because we 
tend not to pay for our OS, that we want cheap (i.e low quality) hardware.
From my own experience, that is a serious miscalculation - most Linux users I 
know have very high end kit.
Ebuyer for example often have systems for sale which have Linux installed - 
but they are always bottom spec stuff - built in graphics, small hard drives 
and low end processors with tiny amounts of ram. 
<tin foil hats on>  Perhaps Dell are doing this to stop us clamouring for 
Linux installed systems? Sell a limited range of machines, in the USA only, 
with low spec hardware and then, when sales are poor, they can turn round and 
say that they tried but...  </tin foil hats>


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