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Wed May 23 11:14:19 BST 2007

I wrote to him. His response was as follows. The basic jist of my email, was
that he spoke from a very biased standpoint.

"Dear Sir

Your letter makes a lot of assumptions.

The UK's businesses, the SME market which forms the vast majority of UK
businesses - and in particular those who are NOT in IT, predominantly use
the Windows operating system. I write from a great deal of experience of
discussion, surveys and a quarter century in the industry. It is not Windows
propaganda, it is fact, borne of practical experience.  I will always listen
to anyone who puts a reasoned article forward.

Linux has its place in the server market, of that I have no doubt and
without Linux the embedded market would be very different - however in the
PC market, Windows XP pretty much has things wrapped up. That isn't an
opinion, it's a hard, cold fact. If that situation changes then I will of
course try to advise accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from your colleague - I hope however that his
communication is more reasoned and less insulting.


Peter Scargill"

On 23/05/07, Paul Tansom <paul at aptanet.com> wrote:
> ** Nicholas Butler <nik at reducedhackers.com> [2007-05-22 20:40]:
> > Chris Rowson wrote:
> > > I found this article here
> http://www.fsb.org.uk/data/default.asp?id=7&loc=it
> > >
> > > Who wrote this? I've not read anything as poorly thought out and badly
> > > researched as this in a long time!
> > >
> > > Nick, you're involved with the FSB aint'cha... I'd be having a word!
> > >
> > > Chris
> > >
> > Thanks I am a member and I will call him tommorow .
> >
> > If anyone else is a member of the FSB can they let me know
> ** end quote [Nicholas Butler]
> Yup, I'm a member, and I'm sure I've exchanged emails with Peter before
> regarding previous incarnations of his Linux v Windows piece, and I know
> at least one other person has. His attitude to the speed with which he
> bins any OS that can't talk to his Windows network out of the box is
> nice given Microsoft's attitude to making the information available to do
> that!
> I've decided that I will no longer talk to anyone who doesn't speak
> fluent Pluggerish, a language of my own devising for which I will not be
> publishing any dictionaries of phrase books. Sadly my range of
> Pluggerish brain implants, apart from being purely fictional, aren't as
> ubiquitous as Windows, so I can't get away with that ;)
> For somebody with the IT experience he claims, he sure fails to
> demonstrate it. I guess specialising in a narrow area of Windows (or any
> narrow area for that matter) leaves you at a loss when outside your own
> field of expertise - much like asking a GP to do brain surgery or visa
> versa.
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