[ubuntu-uk] Who writes this stuff

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Wed May 23 02:35:31 BST 2007

** Nicholas Butler <nik at reducedhackers.com> [2007-05-22 20:40]:
> Chris Rowson wrote:
> > I found this article here http://www.fsb.org.uk/data/default.asp?id=7&loc=it
> >
> > Who wrote this? I've not read anything as poorly thought out and badly
> > researched as this in a long time!
> >
> > Nick, you're involved with the FSB aint'cha... I'd be having a word!
> >
> > Chris
> >   
> Thanks I am a member and I will call him tommorow .
> If anyone else is a member of the FSB can they let me know
** end quote [Nicholas Butler]

Yup, I'm a member, and I'm sure I've exchanged emails with Peter before
regarding previous incarnations of his Linux v Windows piece, and I know
at least one other person has. His attitude to the speed with which he
bins any OS that can't talk to his Windows network out of the box is
nice given Microsoft's attitude to making the information available to do

I've decided that I will no longer talk to anyone who doesn't speak
fluent Pluggerish, a language of my own devising for which I will not be
publishing any dictionaries of phrase books. Sadly my range of
Pluggerish brain implants, apart from being purely fictional, aren't as
ubiquitous as Windows, so I can't get away with that ;)

For somebody with the IT experience he claims, he sure fails to
demonstrate it. I guess specialising in a narrow area of Windows (or any
narrow area for that matter) leaves you at a loss when outside your own
field of expertise - much like asking a GP to do brain surgery or visa

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