[ubuntu-uk] Who writes this stuff

Andrew Price andy at andrewprice.me.uk
Wed May 23 11:39:05 BST 2007

Peter Scargill wrote:
> I look forward to hearing from your colleague - I hope however that his
> communication is more reasoned and less insulting.


I'm not aware of what was in your e-mail to Mr. Scargill (although I'd
like to see it) but it seems you touched a nerve.

Please could we make sure we represent the Ubuntu and Linux communities
in a diplomatic and friendly way. We're not going to boost the
popularity of either by being insulting or otherwise unpleasant,
especially to those who hold some influence over others.

We need to take a more educational and informative stance towards people
who don't "get it". The more welcoming we are as a community, the more
people will be interested in becoming part of it.


Andy Price

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