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Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Sun Mar 18 23:01:28 GMT 2007


Chris Rowson wrote:
> Hey there - thanks for the welcome ;-)

You're welcome! Pun intended:-)

> I'd tend to agree with you. It'd be great if the mailing list stuff
> could get shunted to a forum too. I know a couple of LUG's that do
> that.
> I suppose it's all pretty dependent on who you want to attract to a discussion.
> After reading that you'd had this discussion a few times, I thought
> about why there might be a split in opinion. Perhaps the reason for
> dismissing the idea of forums, is to make discussion less accessible
> to the 'average joe' - who isn't interested in pursuing communication
> through a mailing list.

Gosh, I hope this just is not true! it sounds like you think some people
want the mailing list just for the geeks and keep the noobs etc out of
it. That goes against the whole ethos of what Ubuntu and especially
Ubuntu-UK is all about.

My experience is that this list is one of the most helpful, most polite
and most patient mailing list I've eve been on. Everyone is welcome to
take part from the newbie with the innocent questions to the uber-geek
with real techie stuff.

No, I think the split in opinion was purely different strokes for
different folks. Some are more comfortable with mailing lists and some
with forums (or should that be fora?). It's just human nature.

If we can set up a forum with a mailing list gateway then that would
keep everybody happy.


P.S., It's good form to quote the message to which you are replying.
Another discussion that's been had on several occasions, so I suggest
top posting is avoided:-)
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