[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Forums

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 22:27:07 GMT 2007

Hey there - thanks for the welcome ;-)

I'd tend to agree with you. It'd be great if the mailing list stuff
could get shunted to a forum too. I know a couple of LUG's that do

I suppose it's all pretty dependent on who you want to attract to a discussion.

After reading that you'd had this discussion a few times, I thought
about why there might be a split in opinion. Perhaps the reason for
dismissing the idea of forums, is to make discussion less accessible
to the 'average joe' - who isn't interested in pursuing communication
through a mailing list.

I guess that by making it a little more difficult to get involved in
the conversation, a lot of the 'background noise' is cut out keeping
the discussion focused and intelligent and you're more likely to make
sure what you've typed is reasonably well thought out before you send
it, when you know you can't edit it afterwards!


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