[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu-uk-marketing

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 23:13:21 BST 2007

alan c wrote:

>> Why not contribute to the existing marketing team? Why "fork"?
> The existing marketing team is not UK specific. The UK media, 
> temperament, retail environment etc are all specific to uk.
> A recent discussion  (for me) on the (global) marketing list included 
> an off list discussion with an apparently USA guy. From his response 
> to me it seemed he had misinterpreted one of my points about a shipit 
> leaflet. It was not really important except I concluded that the 
> environment and culture he was apparently working in was very 
> different to mine in berkshire uk.
> I would still very much want to remain on the global marketing list, 
> but see an advantage in having more local movement and focus.

I certainly think that if in our local areas we do marketing events, say 
an Ubuntu/Linux open day at a local computer shop, or as you do Alan, 
computer fairs etc, it would be interesting to make note of the feedback 
from such events so we know what works well and what doesn't work.

Down here in South Devon we don't seem to have any computer fairs (which 
is a real shame as I used to enjoy going to them when I lived in Derby & 
Norwich).  I was thinking as a way of spreading the word we could maybe 
setup a table at a Sunday market or car boot sale and give out leaflets 
and CDs either free or cheap (say £1 each for a CD).

I dare say at least around here on a good day at the local markets and 
car boot sales they would have a few hundred visitors, a fair few of 
them no doubt who have a computer of some kind at home.

I wonder too, if maybe trying to get to some community events and maybe 
even trying to hold fund raising events such as the Children In Need 
events gets the word out there too.


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