[ubuntu-uk] LAN filesharing

Jonathan Roberts jonathan.roberts.uk at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 12 12:21:58 GMT 2007

> My initial thoughts are either:
> - Cheap NAS & forget about syncing (But would prefer PC as I can do
> unattended downloading every time the next ubuntu release etc. comes out!)
> - Cheap PC (Anyone know of anywhere that sells OS-less cheap PCs in the
> UK?) with Ubuntu/SAMBA & forget about the syncing stuff
> - Cheap PC  with Ubuntu/SAMBA & iFolder to keep everything in sync
> (Anyone used this?)

Hey there,

I'm going to be doing something similar next week - getting an old pc
of mine back from somewhere with about a 600mhz processor and I think
32/64mb of ram but I can't remember exactly. Going to put a big hard
drive in it and probably put Debian on it to run as a server and
administer remotely with ssh. I'll let you know how this goes if
you're interested?

I wasn't planning on syncing things but I wonder if you could use
rsync and cron to schedule automatic syncing?!


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