[ubuntu-uk] LAN filesharing

Stuart Parkington mrsparks_maillists at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 16:46:41 GMT 2007

Lee Willis wrote:
> Any suggestions from people who've implemented one of the above (Or 
> something similar), I'm particularly interested in how low a spec PC I 
> could get away with for the PC options.


I run my home server on a little old SFF Compaq Desktop EN of PII
(500MHz) with 128MB RAM. It has been up for about 4 years now and is
still running Mandrake as the OS as I've seen no great need to rebuild
it. It has had updates a time or two! :) I run it 'head-less' and do all
the admin via Webmin, other web delivered tools (SWAT, CUPS etc) and
SSH. If/When it needs a rebuild I'd probably use Ubuntu Server I guess.

For extra storage I've recently installed an additional USB2 PCI card
onto which I've hung two 250GB USB drives. One if these is 'live' and
the other is backup. Rsync and cron backs up one to the other nightly. I
then share out exports with both Samba and NFS - both administrated via
a browser.
It also acts as my print server - I have a USB printer attached.

Lastly, I have shell scripts/batch jobs on the various client machines
(e.g. my Ubuntu desktop & laptop and my work supplied Win XP machine)
about the place that backs up to the 'live' export as required, again
via rsync (cygwin and rsync for the windows box).

The machine I got initially from ebay for around £40, the USB card was
about £20 and the external hard drives about £70 each.

So to directly answer your question a pretty low end PC! The same spec 
of machine is now going for around £10-15 on ebay!!


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