[ubuntu-uk] Integrated graphics cards with Ubuntu

norman norman at littletank.org
Fri Jan 5 18:34:00 GMT 2007

> I'm thinking about getting myself a new PC, it'll be very cheap which of
> course means integrated graphics which I believe is pretty much a no-no
> as far as Linux is concerned. 
> How hard is it to disable this as I have a couple of video cards (albeit
> old ones) that I could install into the machine myself. There is also a
> slightly more expensive option to have the ASUS EN6200LE TC256/TD 64MB
> (PCIX DVI VGA TV-Out)installed which is an integrated graphics card but
> comes with 64 MB on the card itself and I was wondering if Linux would
> recognise this. 

If it is any help to you I have recently bought a new PC which was made
to my specification and cost around £300 mark. Graphics and sound are on
the motherboard and I have no trouble in running 06.10. If you want to
use video cards then they would automatically supersede the on board
graphics but may cause you problems in setting them up.


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