[ubuntu-uk] Integrated graphics cards with Ubuntu

Kevin kevin.lists at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 5 19:27:24 GMT 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 18:34 +0000, norman wrote:
> If it is any help to you I have recently bought a new PC which was
> made to my specification and cost around £300 mark. Graphics and sound
> are on the motherboard and I have no trouble in running 06.10. If you
> want to use video cards then they would automatically supersede the on
> board graphics but may cause you problems in setting them up. 

This is very helpful, thank you. The only reason I wondered about the
integrated graphics was that I have a notebook with that and Linux won't
install on it, everything else about the notebook is better than the
desktop I have Ubuntu installed on at the moment. If you all want a
laugh the specs of the desktop are
K63-450, 256 MB RAM, 10 MB H/D, 8 MB ATI card (yep, it's old), Standard
CD Drive (not a writer), External CD/RW (USB), Zip 250 (USB) OK, have
you all finished laughing yet? As you can see from the specs of the
machine I'm using at the moment pretty much anything would be an upgrade
for me and I won't be playing games on the machine or dual booting with
Windows, it'll be Linux only.The integrated video with the machine I'm
considering is an Nvidia 6100 I imagine this will work without probs as
I believe Linux works with Nvidia cards (even if they are Integrated).


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