[ubuntu-uk] uploading files ftp

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Jan 2 00:17:28 GMT 2007


Colin Humphrey wrote:
> Regards your suggestions I have made a directory with a chmod permission
> of 777.  Though  I cannot upload to this directory from the winxp machine.
> when I use the following:
> "put upload"
> this is what I get:
> "200: Port request successful. Consider using PASV.
> 553: Could not create file."
> [What does this mean?]
> -- 
> I wonder if the command I'm using from c: prompt in winxp is incorrect.
> When I connect to the ftp server from the winxp machine, I connect using
> generic user account of "ftp" with a random e-mail address for a password:
> after this I use "ls -l" to see what's there which shows [porc] the
> directory which I created and the one text document I created.
> After this I use "ls -l [porc]" to list the contents of porc.
> Then after verifying porc is empty I try to upload the file named,
> "upload" [which is sitting on the winxp machine in <windir>/documents
> and settings/colin] with the following command, "put upload".
> Is this the correct command?  Has it got anything to do with the fact
> that /var/ftp/porc and /home/ftp/porc are at different locations?

I think you need to do 'cd porc' before doing the 'put upload' command
from your ftp client.

[porc] is not the current directory when you connect from your ftp
client and so you are trying to upload to it's parent directory which
does not have write permission. You could change the permissions of
/home/ftp to be world writable and try that (without the cd command this
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