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Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue Jan 2 00:22:57 GMT 2007

On Mon, 01 Jan 2007 19:16:46 +0000
"Colin Humphrey" <c.humphrey_00 at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> The permissions shown in the contents of /home/ftp are:
> total 8
> drwxr-xr-x- 2 root root 4096 2007-01-01 18:26 [porc]
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root     7 2007-01-01 16:31 send to

You need to set the permissions for the directory that you actually
want to upload files to.

From those permissions only root can put files in [porc]. The first 3
letters of the permission are for the owner of the directory, the next
3 for the group, and the last 3 for others. Here root is the owner and
the group (the two roots after the permissions) so root is allowed to
read write and execute in the directory and the root group and others
are allowed to execute and read. To make it world writable you need to
run the 'chmod a+w /home/ftp/[porc]'[1] command. 

Alternatively you could change the user that owns the [porc] directory
to ftp, so that with the current permissions the user ftp would be
allowed to write to it. This is done with 'chown ftp /home/ftp/[porc]'

If things still don't work after changing the permissions then have a
look at the log file(s) for the ftp server and see if there are any
hints for what went wrong. I think these will be in /var/log/.

[1] I prefer to use symbolic permissions because I can never remember
the numbers and chmod can work them out far faster than I can. The a
means set for user, group and others (all) and +w means enable writing.
a+rw-x would enable reading and writing and disable execution for all.
u,g and o are for just the owning user, group and others respectively.

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