[ubuntu-uk] uploading files ftp

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Mon Jan 1 16:30:38 GMT 2007

On Mon, 01 Jan 2007 16:20:51 +0000
"Colin Humphrey" <c.humphrey_00 at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> "when I attempted mkdir I received this"
> mkdir: cannot create directory '[/var/ftp/upload]' no such file or
> directory

This one is from mkdir trying to create the upload dir in /var/ftp/ and
finding that /var/ftp/ doesn't exist. The -p flag to mkdir tells it to
make parents as required giving:

mkdir -p /var/ftp/upload

> --
> "when I attempted chmod I received this"
> chmod: missing operand after '777/var/ftp/upload'

This looks like a missing space between the 777 and the /var so chmod
is treating the whole thing as one operand and not finding enough
operands to do anything (not that it would be able to set permissions
to '777/var/ftp/upload' anyway...) 

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