[ubuntu-uk] Curve-fitting program or package

Robin Menneer robinmenneer at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 17:54:17 GMT 2007

I have a problem with fitting a curve to some data and would like help
please.  The data are:
x=375, 375, 375, 355, 315, 268,195, 110, 0
y=2500, 2150, 1920, 1600, 1250, 936, 624, 312, 0
I need a program that will draw a line of best fit (for me to print)
according to different parameters,, especially log and power and find the
best for me, and give me the equation for it.
I notice that there is a curve fitting program for windows and assume that
naturally there is also one, somewhat better, for Uuntu.  Please will
someone tell me how to get and use it.
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