[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu CNR deal

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Feb 12 16:07:01 GMT 2007


Alan Pope wrote:
> But on Windows they are expected to install antivirus, spyware, operating system updates. This is all stuff they 
> *had* to learn, so why should they suddenly become mindless idiots when they move to Linux? 

Perhaps the implication is that many Windows users are already 'mindless
idiots'. Or to be more fair, people who have bought a machine that
already has Windows installed and just want to start using without ever
having to understand about operating systems and how to administer them.
 Such people either haven't got any anti-virus/anti-spyware etc., or
they asked their mate (or teenage offspring!) to do it for them.

They've then probably got into a real mess and luckily run into someone
who suggests Linux. Problem is they expect the same mindless approach!

I find it odd, because no-one expects to drive a car without doing some
learning and even taking a test, but some people expect to use a
computer with no training/learning/effort what so ever!

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