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James Allman-Talbot phoenix125 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 10:57:24 GMT 2007

> > On top of this massive increase in tax, you will be tracked.
> > Somebody will know where you are at all times.
> Its a personal device you have to carry? I thought it was in the car,
> or are you physically attached to your motor vehicle. It will know
> where the car is, not you.

Most people (for example, me) travel around a lot. My car is never in a
place that I am not, therefore the it will know where I am too.

No I didn't know about it, now I do, and still won't be signing it.
> Did you know if pollution continues the way it is, that the polar
> icecaps could melt, and UK cities could flood. It could also increase
> extreme weather, (incidentally weather warnings are in effect,
> freezing temperatures and snow).
> Its high time we held drivers accountable for the actions.

Polar ice caps are melting but they are also re-freezing. Sea levels haven't
risen any great amount in 150 years and the same goes for the global
temperature and atmospheric CO2 levels. Have you ever considered that most
of the weather stations are going to be in populated areas? In populated
areas, buildings, trees and lifeforms increase the local temperature, in
exactly the same way that if you have too many people in one room it begins
to get hot. CO2 levels will concentrate around rural areas because that is
where they are being emitted from, outside of that it dissipates.

Climate change happens naturally, with or without human intervention around
every 150,000 years and we are long overdue. The effects we are seeing now
are exactly the same as those seen by our ancestors, except they didn't have
pollution to blame.

Did you know that a single, one-way transatlantic flight creates more
pollution than every single motor racing event on earth put together does in
one whole year? If you're going to blame anyone for creating pollution, it's
not drivers.

Personally i think this new type of road taxing is just a money making
scheme, as if they don't have enough up their sleeves. As for speed limits,
i wholly agree with them but i wholly disagree with the way in which they
are enforced. As an average, casualties in an area can actually increase
when a speed camera is put in to place because drivers suddenly turn their
attention to their speedometer instead of the road infront of them.

Just my 2pence.
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