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Wed Feb 7 09:50:41 GMT 2007

On 2/7/07, Scrase, Eddie <escrase.uk at wentworthlabs.com> wrote:
>  > I'm the more confused.  You both seem to say that I can use KDE
> software
> > on Gnome (ubuntu) if I go  to a lot of trouble (and knowledge that I
> lack)
> > to make  it work.  Or am I just  not understanding the issues.  What I
> want,
> > in the ideal situation, is a list of software, as in ADD/REMOVE with a
> > summary of its functions, that I can double-click to load and run
> properly.
> > Someone in this conversation recommended digikam but when I looked at it
> it
> > was for KDE.
> It's pretty much your ideal situation.  You can run KDE applications on
> Gnome without any trouble - It's simply a matter of adding the applications
> using Add/Remove (just like any other piece of software).  For example, I'm
> running Ubuntu (Gnome) but as I can't live without the KDE music player
> amaroK (at least until Exaile! is more mature), I have installed amaroK
> using Add/Remote and it runs fine.
> However, (and didn't you just knew that there was a but coming next!)
> there are two things to bare in mind when running KDE applications on Gnome:
> 1. The look and feel of the application won't be the same as a native
> Gnome applications. This normally shouldn't be a problem, and the
> applications themselves are perfectly usable.
> 2. Because they have to load the KDE libraries, they will generally more
> memory hungry that the Gnome equivalents.
> I hope this is of some help/reassurance to you (because I'm aware that I'm
> just restating what has previously been posted).
> Super.  Thank you for taking the trouble to be so plain.  Now, where,
> please, can I find a substitute for iphoto, please - I don't want to be
> shackled  to  mac any longer than I have to.

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