[ubuntu-uk] Could Linux (and Ubuntu) do more to encourage students?

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On 02/02/07, David Morley <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Simple answer yes!
> More complex response I don't think the same kinda thing that is being
> offered by your uni will be practical as it takes money away from the
> projects.  However they can continue in the fashion they currently are
> and win over one school/college/uni at a time.  This is a much longer
> process but as more reports get out of schools... saving money,
> utilising existing hardware etc get out then it is like the snowball
> effect it'll build quickly.
> When that occurs then I could see them taking the time to get stuff
> back out of the education dept. Besides if the schools get the kids
> hooked on linux then the chances are that the kids may contribute
> anyway.
>    - Isn't the answer to all this- marketing- MS have the power and the
>    money so some people will always go after what they have to offer.
>    - Are there any OS graphics programmes? one of my students was
>    asking.
>    - Another student said he really would like to move to OS but he is
>    a composer and needs a composing programme he thinks is not available on OS-
>    would that be right?
>    - I think it is impossible to compete as such with Microsoft but to
>    work in one's own sphere publicising OS etc. I think I might contact our
>    local education authority to find out how much of the budget goes on MS
>    software and tell them about the costs of putting Edubuntu on instead.- If
>    anyone has any facts and figures it would be good.

   - The Green  Party information was useful -anyone agree?

   - How easy would it be for me to take information to the local primary
   school about Edubuntu? or even put it onto some computers- are there CD's?
   But I know they will want to know about support.and the support is in
   the hands of a MS franchised group.

Caroline (LSP)

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