[ubuntu-uk] [marketing] Fun day event was Leaflets

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 22:16:36 BST 2007

alan c wrote:
> Rob Beard wrote:

>> Just wanted to give some feedback on the event I was arranging in Exeter.
> Thanks, and Well Done for carrying it through!

No problem.  I'm trying to do a bit here and there (in between work and 
family commitments)

>> We had a variety of leaflets, both the text only versions (Alan Cock's  
>> FOSS leaflets) and the Had Enough beta leaflet.
> I have recently concluded upon reflection that the FOSS leaflet is too 
> much of a culture shock mismatch to the user-in-the-street as it is. 
> In fact at my recent computer fair I did not offer it, I only offered 
> the Free and Open Source Software - 'Information' one. Whic is 
> regularly offered and taken from the counter of a local computer shop.

>> We managed to give out a few leaflets, and sold ONE copy of The  
>> OpenCD.
> may I ask what price? (off list if you wish)

Yeah, 50p each.  That covered the cost of the disc, a sleve and printing 
  of the disc.

>> We couldn't sell any Ubuntu discs.  We also gave out a load  
>> of Tux stickers.  Paul (one of the guys who was with me from the Devon  
>> & Cornwall LUG) had the idea of printing Tux on some round Avery  
>> labels which was popular.
> Nice Idea! Sounds great for a popular street fun event.

Yeah, the kids liked the stickers.  I'm sure they would have loved 
balloons too.

>> Something that was popular with the kids was a printed picture of a  
>> penguin to colour in.  I found two pengun pictures (not tux, but  
>> penguins) which I printed off (2 on an A4 sheet) which kids could then  
>> colour in.
> The back page of my 'Information' leaflet (see above) has an outline 
> picture of tux. I have a larger copy if anyone needs it. I use it in 
> A4 size as coloured in by -hand- with dayglo markers as a fun DIY flag 
> on my infopoint table. Part of the idea is to distance myself from big 
> business and suggest a more 'wholemeal' approach..... The simple non 
> coloured leaflets also suggest this. However, the Shipit CD packs are 
> attractive enough to be acceptable in the final decision stages of a 
> newbie 'take'.

I was actually thinking of trying to make a dot to dot tux image too.


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