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Andrew Barber andrew.alex.barber at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 01:19:41 BST 2007

Hey Tony,
I am also using Ubuntu on an iBook G4 and have found it to be a nice
alternative to OSX. I have also successfully installed Feisty from the
community work ongoing to supple people like us with a nice GNU/Linux

If you have any problems, ping me on IRC. You will find me in the ubuntu-uk
channel, or you are welcome to private message me at any time. My nick is

Hope all is going well so far.

On 11/08/07, Tony Travis <ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hello, Anyone using Ubuntu on an iMac G4?
> I've just got one, and installed Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper) on it...
> Works quite well, but the recent decision by Canonical not to support
> the PowerPC architecture in future is disappointing. There is a 'port'
> of Feisty, but I couldn't get it to boot. Might have been a problem with
> the CD, so I'll burn another one: I don't want to have to use backports
> to get 'Gnash' working so I can enjoy the full irony of watching the Mac
> vs. PC spoof ad's from YouTube on a Mac running Ubuntu ;-)
> Why? - I'd like to convert my Mac colleagues to Ubuntu, of course!
>         Tony.
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Andrew Alexander Barber
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