[ubuntu-uk] DELL w/Ubuntu available in the UK

Pete Stean peteste at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 8 15:35:47 BST 2007

If there is one really good thing to come out of this (other than simply
visibility of our chosen O/S on the shelf) it's the fact that, in addition
to the Suse/Lenovo offering, we now know of at least two laptops that can
run linux without any major impediments - makes the purchase of my next
laptop a much less fraught experience :)


On 08/08/07, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
> Pete Stean wrote:
> > alan, cost is not an issue for me either - I wasn't really arguing
> > for myself when I talked about the identical pricing. What I was
> > thinking about was how could I possibly convince a friend or
> > relative who has a vague interest in running linux to buy the
> > linux-loaded Dell when they see that the vista machine is exactly
> > the same price (and they know that Vista is worth "something" in
> > monetary terms, but also that ubuntu is "free"). I can just predict
> > how that conversation would go - Jo Public buys on *price* not on
> > principles. Thus I can't see these linux Dells flying off the
> > shelves, and therefore Dell assuming that there is little interest,
> > when in fact there is but they just can't see it
> Accepted yes. I have found that people around me are influenced by
> what they see me do and by what I say. The various people who are
> using linux because of me directly have had it installed by me (!) and
> have based their trust in what they know of me. Their alternative is
> to find another 'advisor' (friend or family member, FOFM), or to trust
> the retail shop.
> Money is important I fully agree, and particularly for the uninformed
> and uncommitted. I do not think the Dell moves will directly influence
> uninformed people, but they will notice that an alternative suddenly
> exists. And yes they would take notice more quickly if there was a
> price drop. But this is a first step in a marketing process - visibility.
> Some of my friends will in the future want a dell ubuntu PC. Some will
> still want me to create a dual boot PC. IF Dell are offering the same
> as single boot, it will make it much easier to get the possibility
> accepted.
> I think Dell believe there is significant interest (profit) in linux.
> Micheal Dell bought into some Linux companies a few years ago I think,
> but his ventures were moderated (so I heard) apparently by the
> association with MS whereby Del was not prohibited from selling linux
> but were restrained from -promoting- it. The cleverness in the
> existing situation is that a user ideas forum has done the promoting
> itself! The line Dell is consistently taking is that this venture is
> customer led. No dell *promotion*. Which hopefully will tread the fine
> line they have to move along commercially.
> I think it would be a bad situation if by some means the Dell ubuntu
> PCs were very much cheaper just now because if a lot of uninformed
> purchases occurred, linux would get bad publicity from helpless users
> who could not get support from their neighbours. The commercial
> pressures Dell are under encourage a slow start, and this also allows
> the community, including FOFM's, to adjust and support, I hope. :-)
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