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Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Wed Sep 20 00:32:32 BST 2006

> > This lead me to wonder what we in the Ubuntu - Uk Team might describe as
> > things which in hindsight we have taken for granted but have proved a
> > positive boon for productivity.
> >

A moth died inside my PC a couple of days ago, taking the graphics card,
motherboard and power supply with it. After rooting around in my box of
spare bits I managed to find an old motherboard, graphics card and network
card that were still working.

I put it all together, turned the PC on, and it booted into Ubuntu straight
away - with everything working. This is with a different chipset (Via not
SiS) and graphics card (ATI not NVidia).

I've got an XP partition too. I haven't tried booting it again yet, but on
past experience:
 - it probably won't boot
 - I'll have to start it in safe mode
 - Then I'll have to download the drivers for all the new bits. Hopefully
I'll have network access!
 - Then I'll have to install all the drivers, rebooting several times
 - Then Windows will demand to be reactivated because too much hardware has
changed. It may or may not decide to let me keep using it!

So, there you go - a definite success story!

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