[ubuntu-uk] right out of the box...

Matthew Saunders me3ohm at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 07:29:49 BST 2006

> A moth died inside my PC a couple of days ago

Ouch!  I have heard bugs can make a program crash but this is a little
more extreme.

> I put it all together, turned the PC on, and it booted into Ubuntu straight
> away - with everything working.

We had a lightning strike where I work last week.  It ripped through
the LAN and killed around 40 network cards (Windows even fails to load
TCP/IP now when a new NIC is installed) and nuked many switches.
Amazingly, my Ubuntu Desktop PC was surrounded by dead Windows boxes
but was still powered on and with the network card in full working
order.  We had many other Linux boxes around the building that were in
areas of dead PCs but survived!

> I've got an XP partition too.
>  - it probably won't boot

If the motherboard is just slightly different and the Mass Storage
Devices have changed, it may not even get into Safe Mode.  :)  Sysprep
is the only way to get around that, but that needs to be run with the
PC booted :(


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