[ubuntu-uk] right out of the box...

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Sep 19 22:25:25 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 22:00 +0100, Nicholas Butler wrote:
> So there I was, about to write yet another blog article, my first since 
> returning from my short break and     BAM!
> A sudden realisation of things I have taken for granted. Currently i am 
> sitting here on my Games PC ( Windows XP Pro 64 )  trying to take a 
> screen capture of the Save Search as a Folder feature of Mozilla 
> Thunderbird. Unfortunately Windows does not, as a default,  enable me to 
> save my windowed screen captures as a graphical format.

Paste it into paintbrush and save it?

> Oh sure I can open a document and paste the Image in  and at this point cue:

Ick! Yeah, sure, wrap up a nice easy to use format like BMP in a nasty
proprietary word doc. :)

> "Opening Openoffice, paste graphic, save document, close openoffice. 
> Rename document as .zip, open newly renamed document as compressed 
> folder, play hunt the image, move image to location that Picasa can grab 
> it from and wait for index catch up. Export image to blog, relax."

PRTSCRN (or ALT+PRNTSCRN for a window)

Start -> Run -> pbrush (or go find it on the start menu)

CTRL+V, File -> Save As -> Give it a name and save as jpg. (XP
paintbrush can save as JPEGs can't it?)

> Or, I could boot my other laptop into Ubuntu , start the saved search 
> folder process again and then as before grab the current window with 
> ALT-Printscreen and then  be greeted with the option to save the image 
> as a graphic format in my choice.  simple, elegant and done.

That's certainly easier, yes. 

> This lead me to wonder what we in the Ubuntu - Uk Team might describe as 
> things which in hindsight we have taken for granted but have proved a 
> positive boon for productivity.

Here's my starter for 10.

Multiple desktops.
Left mouse button select. middle mouse paste.
Easily resizable filesystems.
Having tools like tail available out of the box.
Centralised repositories of applications making updates and installs

> It made me realise that the Ubuntu Desktop feeling was more about .. 
> "What Next ?

Speech recognition :D hahahahah

>  " than "Now What ?" , am I right ?

You're always right Nik. In your head. :)


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