[ubuntu-uk] LinuxWorld planning page

nik nik at reducedhackers.com
Tue Sep 12 18:18:20 BST 2006

William Anderson wrote:
> nik wrote:
>>> use the boot to gather in people and get them involved after the event. 
>> id also suggest not leaving it to the spill checker ! boot should be booth !
>  Booth person: Would you like to peruse the enlightened wares of
>                Ubuntu?
> Show attendee: Errrr, not really, I'm a Windows XP Home user!
>  Booth person: *boot to the head*
Actually thats a bloody excellent point..

Knowing how to ask good open ended and clear questions in order to 
engage people in useful conversations is a something which I keep 
promising to address. Neil Simmons taught me all I ever wanted to know 
about sales and selling and many of his "tricks" I try to employ when on 
the Stands at worthing promoting our LUG. 

Its really important to avoid closed and one answer questions, such as:

Have you heard of Ubuntu ?
Do you use Ubuntu ?
Heard of Linux ?
Do you use Windows ?

All of the above just lead to one word answers.

What is useful is if we ask questions that reveal the reasons for people 
being at the show and their reasons for wandering close to the Booth. 
Acknowledging their replies and listening to keywords which can provide 
opportunities to open the conversation and direct people to consider 
Ubuntu is the end result but getting there is a interesting experience. 

So , at the risk of asking a some closed question.

Do we have anyone here who has had some training or is working in a 
sales type role ? 

It would be good to have  some excellent opening questions to ask people 
, since breaking the ice at these shows is bloody hard for us british types.

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