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ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Sep 12 19:19:42 BST 2006

nik wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:
>> nik wrote:
>>>> use the boot to gather in people and get them involved after the event. 
>>> id also suggest not leaving it to the spill checker ! boot should be booth !
>>  Booth person: Would you like to peruse the enlightened wares of
>>                Ubuntu?
>> Show attendee: Errrr, not really, I'm a Windows XP Home user!
>>  Booth person: *boot to the head*
> Actually thats a bloody excellent point..
> Knowing how to ask good open ended and clear questions in order to 
> engage people in useful conversations is a something which I keep 
> promising to address. Neil Simmons taught me all I ever wanted to know 
> about sales and selling and many of his "tricks" I try to employ when on 
> the Stands at worthing promoting our LUG. 
> Its really important to avoid closed and one answer questions, such as:
> Have you heard of Ubuntu ?
> Do you use Ubuntu ?
> Heard of Linux ?
> Do you use Windows ?
> All of the above just lead to one word answers.
> What is useful is if we ask questions that reveal the reasons for people 
> being at the show and their reasons for wandering close to the Booth. 
> Acknowledging their replies and listening to keywords which can provide 
> opportunities to open the conversation and direct people to consider 
> Ubuntu is the end result but getting there is a interesting experience. 
> So , at the risk of asking a some closed question.
> Do we have anyone here who has had some training or is working in a 
> sales type role ? 

All good points. I am not a professional sales person at all. I would
personally avoid them.
At my local computer fairs I have a table with some large print A4
format laminated information about  'Linux',  'Open Source',
'Thunderbird', 'Firefox',  with a few coloured Logos showing, and
Ubuntu/KUbuntu CD packs, (also other less professional looking CD iso
burns) and Ubuntu stickers, With a day-glo Tux 'fun' flag at the top
of an obviously and deliberately makeshift bamboo post, to catch
attention. The clients are mostly all using windows.  The ones who
slow down and look (or even linger longer) seem mostly to have vaguely
heard of open source in some way, but are still largely committed
windows users.

I do not get face-on , but maybe a bit sideways on, partly doing
something else...   After they have looked briefly I will usually say
something like 'Do you use any Open Source (at all)?' in a slightly
matter of fact manner (a big smile helps too). Timing can be
important. Quite often the answer is a direct lead into a conversation
about anything from Firefox or  security (windows) or real (Linux)
issues like what is all this (display table) about?

The events are repeated monthly (if I am available) and I noticed that
people come back, an doften they ask if I will be ther next time too.
For example, I noticed someone took a Kubuntu CD pack after their
third visit. Although at the LinuxWorld event we can assume a linux
and FOSS awareness, so it may be more to do with Ubuntu benefits,
which include the energy, ethic, and community.

I suspect a Ubuntu presence at Linux World will be as much about
credibility and community as anything else.
alan c

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