[ubuntu-uk] Flash's LED Stays On. (Was: ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 17, Issue 2)

Alan Helmore-Simpson alanhs at ingeniouscorp.com
Wed Sep 6 17:32:40 BST 2006

Chadwick Wrote:
>> perhaps the ubuntu way of having the light constantly on is better...
I have a number of Flash drives that behave both ways, and after a quick 
test the do so consistently across both platforms, one has to conclude that 
this is not controllable by the OS, its a choice that the manufacturer made. 
The one constant is that they all flash when they are being accessed, and 
remain 'Constantly' off or on when they are not.

But regardless of the led's, If you specify the right parameters when you 
mount the device, you should be able to remove it providing it is not 
actually 'flashing'.

Thats my understanding anyway.....


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