[ubuntu-uk] Programs to manage podcasts

gord gordallott at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 16:18:38 BST 2006

On Tue, 2006-10-03 at 13:19 +0100, Adam McMaster wrote:
> I've been looking for something like this too recently.  Rhythmbox seems
> good, but the problem I have is video support.  Rhythmbox produces an
> error message upon downloading video podcasts (or when importing video
> files).  This also leaves me confused as to how I might put videos onto
> my iPod with it.
> Does anyone know if there are plans to add video support to Rhythmbox?
> Since it uses gstreamer, I assume this would be trivial?
> -- 
> Adam McMaster <adam at moosoft.net>

I don't thing video support is high on Rhythmbox's wish-list so to
speak, its primarily an audio player. you might have better luck
downloading the video podcasts with one player and then playing with
another, such as mplayer, vlc or totem. they should all be able to
handle them fine. although i think totem would need some restricted
formats enabled (mp3 and such).
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