[ubuntu-uk] top posting row (was Uk Loco team forums)

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sun Nov 5 15:13:04 GMT 2006

Caroline Ford wrote:
> Well this is the only email list I'm on that is so aggressive to
> newbies.
I wasn't trying to be aggressive... major apologies if you perceived me 
to be... was actually trying to explain to Ian why top posting can be an 
issue for some people... made a lot of effort to *not* sound aggressive 
or negative... that's why I spent the time creating the "simple example" 
of what it is like to read digests when people continually top post.
> I'm becoming increasingly unimpressed by the regulars here.#
Storm in a teacup, I think. Ian should be aware that he is very welcome 
here... he has had a lot of useful input on his various issues (eg. ADSL 
modems etc.) and should not feel victimised.


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