[ubuntu-uk] BBC and open formats??

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Nov 2 19:05:37 GMT 2006

On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 06:09:14PM +0000, tim matthews wrote:
> yes, I'm seriously suggesting being "naughty" to make a point. 

Heh. You first then. :)

> If they 
> want to call me silly names like "pirate" or "terrorist" it's up to them.

Ok, I'll put that down as a rant

> and why not? it's a BBC copyright, ok is the BBC an 3vil greedy 
> corperation or it is funded by its listeners?

It isn't all the BBCs copyright. They may have licenced some content from other providers, and 
to be honest you don't know which bits have and which bits haven't been licenced, so you're not 
at liberty to determine what you can and can't rebroadcast.

AIUI though (and IANAL), the fact that they are funded by a licence fee doesn't make copyright 
violation against them any more "right" legally than copying a Windows CD is. Of course you may 
well feel that *morally* you're right, but that doesn't tend to stand up well in court.

> It's our right to have the BBC broadcast in open source,

It is?

> we should not 
> be forced to use the Microsoft operating system.

Technically they're not forcing you to do anything. They're providing a service that you're 
incapable of using. 

> By doing this, we could 
> show the world how easy it is to set up.

As I said, I'm sure the BBC are well aware of how technically easy it is to setup a stream in 
one of a number of formats. I suspect monetary cost for the infrastructure required might be an 
issue, along with support for clients.

Yes, I agree we should lobby the BBC for a change in their streaming codecs of choice, but I 
disagree that illegally rebroadcasting is the way to do it.

Just my 2p.


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