[ubuntu-uk] BBC and open formats??

Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 2 20:15:05 GMT 2006

On 02/11/06, tim matthews <tim at tui.co.uk> wrote:
> yes, I'm seriously suggesting being "naughty" to make a point. If they
> want to call me silly names like "pirate" or "terrorist" it's up to them.
There is already a risk that they are going to refuse to use an Open
Format because they can't use DRM restrictions (which don't work
anyway, how many schemes have been cracked so far?)

If they think that we want an Open format so we can rip content then
it is going to be likely to fail.

Remember we need to look like the good guys, and they need to look
like the bad guys.
With your suggestion we look like a bunch of pirates trying to get an
easier format for stealing and the BBC look like they are just trying
to protect their content (of course neither is true but that's how it
may look)

> It's our right to have the BBC broadcast in open source, we should not
> be forced to use the Microsoft operating system.

I think most (all?) of us agree with that, this is why I would like
the BBC to change what it does, not someone to take its content and do
it for them without their consent

- Andy

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