[ubuntu-uk] Re: website discussion

Steve Smith steve.lists at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 14 11:38:51 BST 2006

On 14/06/06, Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Right now I really don't see the need for a weblog for the uk team.
> Forums are primarily for support in the Ubuntu community - there is an
> English language forum, and this mailing list serves for discussing
> initiatives. Adding a forum would make things confusing, and double the
> amount of effort needed to follow discussions.
> It's useful to focus on initiatives using the tools that are currently
> available (this mailing list, the wiki) rather than trying to get as
> many different tools as possible before any concrete work has been done.

I agree with both of these.  We seem to be wasting a lot of effort at
the moment building duplicate infrastructure for something for  which
we have no content!  If and when the time comes that we're ready to
branch off further we can.

On 14/06/06, Grant <grant at cherrysupport.com> wrote:
> >    I would be particularly keen to get the support points maps a la
>  >    Belgian site up on the net.
>  A wiki page seems like a good start for this.

Yes, I think it would be best to have it on the wiki.  *But*, can
anyone (Matt East/Jonathan Riddell perhaps?) give us a definative
answer about if there's any way to get javascript into a wiki page?
As I've said before I think it would be most appropriate for us to use
Google Maps (see my justification at
Even non-Google maps will need some sort of html/script, won't they?


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