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Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 14 09:29:16 BST 2006

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Hi Grant,

First of all, your mailing list etiquette is making it really difficult
to follow this discussion (and it is quite disconcerting that you don't
use your full name).

Please follow a few simple rules:

1. Specify who wrote the email you are replying to (for other people's
information, the email he was responding to was from Jonathan Riddell).
2. Quote the relevant text using a symbol such as ">", and reply
underneath, as I will do here:

* Grant:
> What would a blog be for?
> **Having a hosted weblog would be a useful asset as people could post up
> news comments, etc which could be read by the general public and subscribed
> to via rss.  

Right now I really don't see the need for a weblog for the uk team.

> I don't see a need for forums, the official ones are already in English.
> **Forums, Would be a really useful aspect particularly as we would have a
> location to discuss various aspects which are directly UK related , such as
> Steve and I have done here: 

Forums are primarily for support in the Ubuntu community - there is an
English language forum, and this mailing list serves for discussing
initiatives. Adding a forum would make things confusing, and double the
amount of effort needed to follow discussions.

It's useful to focus on initiatives using the tools that are currently
available (this mailing list, the wiki) rather than trying to get as
many different tools as possible before any concrete work has been done.

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