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Grant grant at cherrysupport.com
Wed Jun 14 06:50:14 BST 2006

See my comments after the ** in response to your points



>    I would be particularly keen to get the support points maps a la
>    Belgian site up on the net.

A wiki page seems like a good start for this.

>    I sent Matthais,  an email which I hope he has copied you on.
>    Otherwise here is  a brief summary from memory (and my google cache).

Which Matthais?

**Matthias Urlichs, who is the primary contact on the wiki ref ubuntu
hosting and getting ubuntu to host our own webforums, or support points


>    Please can you tell me what the policies are regarding using ubuntu to
>    host the team's web pages, Weblog and forums.

Currently I have access to the web page.

What would a blog be for?

**Having a hosted weblog would be a useful asset as people could post up
news comments, etc which could be read by the general public and subscribed
to via rss.  

I don't see a need for forums, the official ones are already in English.

Forums, Would be a really useful aspect particularly as we would have a
location to discuss various aspects which are directly UK related , such as
Steve and I have done here: 


>    (1) co-ordinating our own work
>    (2) providing local support contacts and info on availaility of
>    Ubuntu-compatible hardware (eg what things that PC World etc sell that
>    the 'average home user' can get to work with Ubuntu easily), and so on
>    I suggest that (1) could remain on the UKTeam's wiki pages (
>    [2]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeams) to remain integrated with the
>    Ubuntu community at large, and (2) could be on ubuntu-uk.org to
>    provide local support free from organisational clutter and geek-speak.

I'd suggest starting 2 on the wiki as well for now.

>    John has pointed out that there are many businesses and events
>    involved in Ubuntu that could do with being co-ordinated in the UK.


Including your surname in your From address is helpful.

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