[ubuntu-uk] website and support points

Grant grant at cherrysupport.com
Thu Jun 8 14:42:44 BST 2006

I have emailed across the relevant parties regarding the domain name and
hosting for ubuntu uk. I would like to have as much of it done on the wiki
and perhaps restrict the website to a forum and blog and perhaps a support

Regarding the costs etc, I will try and get ubuntu to host the domain so at
least no one else will have to cover the costs of hosting.   I will be happy
to pay for the domain registration and put it in ubuntus name.  My company
has a discounted plan with www.theoutsourcingco.com so any domain reg costs
would only be 1 or 2 up to maximum of 5 quid a year if we get a .com.

Regarding the support points.  I will try to knock up something this weekend
perhaps using ezgoogle maps.  The main issue regarding the uk postcode
system is that there isn't a comprehensive geocoding database for postcodes
so I will have to look at an alternative way to do it, however I have done
some similar stuff before, so I will be able to knock up some solution. 

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