[ubuntu-uk] Cannot log into the root account

David Hart ubuntu at tonix.org
Mon Oct 17 17:05:27 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 22:56 +0100, Shelley & Oren wrote:

> One thing though. I do not believe that anywhere along the
> installation, I was prompted to set a password for the root account.
> I was prompted to set up a user account and a password for it, which I
> did.
> Now I cannot log in as root so I am a bit stuck…

Ubuntu does not enable the root account by default.

> Does this mean I need to start a new installation?
> I obviously cannot make any administrative changes so my account is a
> s good as a goldfish on a football pitch….

Don't worry, you can use 'sudo' and you can read about it at

David Hart <ubuntu at tonix.org>

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