[ubuntu-uk] Cannot log into the root account

Nick Mcmahon boredklink at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 17:10:01 CDT 2005

Shelley & Oren wrote:

> Hi all
> Me again…the NBR (noob beyond repair….)
> Have installed my Ubantu. Seem straight forward enough.
> One thing though. I do not believe that anywhere along the 
> installation, I was prompted to set a password for the root account.
> I was prompted to set up a user account and a password for it, which I 
> did.
> Now I cannot log in as root so I am a bit stuck…
> Does this mean I need to start a new installation?
> I obviously cannot make any administrative changes so my account is a 
> s good as a goldfish on a football pitch….
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks, Oren
> */ /*

well you should try to use use sudo for most things, you open a termial 
and type "sudo *application*" then enter your own user password when 
prompted which should give you the right privelages, or you could type 
"sudo passwd root" and follow the instructions to set the root password, 
but i dont reccomend it, also you will notice that even after you have 
done that, you cant log in as root from the login screen :). you can 
change this by going to System > Administration > Login screen setup 
then to the security tab, and ticking "allow root to login with GDM" but 
i reccomend against doing that too, you shouldnt realy use root as your 
main account, period.
hope that helps

Nick McMahon

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