[ubuntu-uk] Re: gmane newsgroup version of this list?

matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com
Wed Jun 1 14:25:08 CDT 2005

> I'd suggest giving the list the newsgroup name:
> gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.uk
> (or possibly gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.british)

Yeah i too think this is a decent idea, especially if we get some traffic 
going on this list. In terms of the name, they will decide it for you, and 
make it consistent with the other Ubuntu lists, even if you ask for 
something wacky, so that should be alright. 

> to match the other Ubuntu user groups carried by gmane. 
> I'd also recommend setting the "Encrypt addresses" flag to provide
> greater privacy protection (although the other Ubuntu groups don't seem
> to do this).

On ubuntu-it we do this. It think its a good idea. 

>> > (And also wondering if there is anybody out there: I haven't received
>> > any messages from this list yet..) 
>> Certainly is. 
> Ah, it must just have been quiet over the past few days ;-)

So far the list has been v quiet. A couple of threads got started but then 
didn't catch on. :( C'mon guys!!! 


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