[ubuntu-uk] Scope of ubuntu-uk?

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Wed Jun 1 13:51:45 CDT 2005

[This is a copy of a message that I earlier sent to the international
ubuntu-users list a few days ago, before joining the ubuntu-uk list. 

Does anybody have any comments on my feelings that the list also serving
as a more local 'support' list would be useful as the international list
is now pretty much too big to follow easily?]

Matthew east wrote in gmane.linux.ubuntu.user
 about: United Kingdom LoCoTeam

> We're proud to announce a new group to help organise and discuss all
> matters Ubuntu in the United Kingdom.

Good stuff :-)

> Although several functions of
> LoCoTeams will not apply to this group (such as translation and native
> language support),

I'd be quite keen on a UK "native language support" (heh[1]) list, as I
find it hard to keep up with busy international lists such as this one..

[1] ..with apologies to speakers of the non-English UK native languages,
although I guess appropriate lists might also be useful for them
(I suspect that the union of 'Linux users' and
'monolingual Gaelic/Gaelic/Welsh/Cornish/Manx speakers' is the empty
set, however ;-)

[rest of message snipped]

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