Coocoo Curucú?

Michael Bauer fios at
Tue Mar 3 13:18:18 UTC 2015

Sgrìobh David Planella na leanas 03/03/2015 aig 11:37:
> Hi all,
> After the feedback from translators, I've decided to take it out from 
> the list of phone packages to translate [1] for those reasons, in 
> particular for the bias that brings to the stats. In any case, it's 
> still translatable in Launchpad as usual [2], and we're discussing 
> ways to make contributions easier with the curucu developers.
Thanks for the explanation David!
> Another thing that I've seen mentioned on the list is the fact that 
> ubuntu-calculator-app seems to be frozen at 7 strings to do, which is 
> not the case for most languages. I need to look in more detail into 
> this, but my hunch is that polib, which I use to read the stats from 
> po files, is getting a bit confused, something that I've already hit 
> in the past. In any case, remember that the stats dashboard is a 
> project everyone can contribute to [3], so if you've got python or 
> Django skills and see a bug or need improvements, feel free to dive 
> into it!
And for that. There seem to be a few others (at least in gd) which are 
misreporting missing strings as well but not many files so relatively 
easy to work around. Just thought I'd let you know.


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