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David Planella david.planella at
Tue Mar 3 11:37:32 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I initially added the curucu project to the set of apps/packages to
translate for the phone as it had some visible strings that were used for
remote scopes. That is also why I initially renamed it to "Remote scopes
server" in the translations dashboard [1].

At some point, the project grew to include a great number of strings from
dbpedia, which made it a bit more difficult to translate (it's hard to add
translator context to them) and biased the overall stats, the purpose of
which is to bring focus to the most essential strings to translate to have
a well localized UI.

After the feedback from translators, I've decided to take it out from the
list of phone packages to translate [1] for those reasons, in particular
for the bias that brings to the stats. In any case, it's still translatable
in Launchpad as usual [2], and we're discussing ways to make contributions
easier with the curucu developers.

Another thing that I've seen mentioned on the list is the fact that
ubuntu-calculator-app seems to be frozen at 7 strings to do, which is not
the case for most languages. I need to look in more detail into this, but
my hunch is that polib, which I use to read the stats from po files, is
getting a bit confused, something that I've already hit in the past. In any
case, remember that the stats dashboard is a project everyone can
contribute to [3], so if you've got python or Django skills and see a bug
or need improvements, feel free to dive into it!



On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 1:18 PM, Michael Bauer <fios at> wrote:

> Sgrìobh Yuri Chornoivan na leanas 28/02/2015 aig 09:49:
>> Personally, I'm tired of guessing and will leave such things untranslated
> Yes I was tending towards that too, having spent half an hour on it
> Sgrìobh Tom Davies na leanas 28/02/2015 aig 15:25:
>> Hi :)
>> So it's some sort of game or something based on a 1956 movie and only
>> available through Ubuntu One which has closed down?
> Errr... ok
>> I think if the devs for it make it available through the software centre
>> or/and OpenSource it then maybe revisit it but for now ignore and move on?
>> Is it something that needs to be done to get translations 100%
>> completed?  If so can it be taken off the list?
>> Regards from
>> Tom :)
> Well the only reason I even looked at it was because it's on David's to-do
> page (which seems to be
> frozen by the way, I completed the other bits middle of last week).
> Overally I appreciate the ability to localize some games for Ubuntu Mobile
> but that should be an optional feature and not on the to-do list.
> Michael
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