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First of all I'd like to apologize the German team that my message became so offensive. I just wanted to give an example and unnecessarily show You in public as these bad guys though You do not have 100% yet. My reasons? I made some suggestions to Your translations and that should be enough (AIM=Ziel? ;-)).

OK, enough! I'm here to ask for help not to quarrel showing my problem which may also be a problem of Yours (German)?

I have here some strings that belong to these "at"s and "count"s examples:

1.scope. As I see many teams translate this string in many ways. It seems to be a same problem as we had with a famous "Dash". German team translated "scope" as scope, providing a new word to the German language (I'm not a native German but I made sure by asking a native German how does he/she understand the word. Neither he nor she does). French team found some other way round :-) I'd love to ask all of You how do You understand the word and how should user understand it?

2. dd-MMM-yyyy

Do we really need a zero in front of the d

3. count - calendar app same problem a Hannie's problem. According to the German team "Anzahl", but are You sure? ;-) Just say You do and I'm (we're) gonna copy :-)

4. "Calendar app accept four arguments: --starttime, --endtime, --newevent and --eventid. They will be managed by system. See the source for a full comment about them"

source? source of what? source code? of a calendar app?

The German team also leaved it blank. I bet because of the source. What information should I provide the user so that he/she were able to understand?

5. "Scope for searching the installed click apps"; click apps? what are they?

I know "how to" but it;s not clear

6. Ubuntu Rest Scopes (Remote scopes): >>Other exchanges<< ? I have some idea after a look at the German translation but again: are You sure?

7."Address Book App" Home- "home" or Linux Home or Home Internet site, home phone number? I bet it is just home like home address but it may be something what I didn't mention above as well.

Once again sorry to the German team. I really didn't mean to offend anyone ;-)

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