"at", "count", etc.

Hannie Dumoleyn lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl
Sat Jul 19 16:23:59 UTC 2014

Hey, let's show each other respect. I am sure all 
translators/translation teams do their utmost to provide Ubuntu users 
with the best translation in their language.
I find discussions on this list very useful. I really liked the 
reactions and tips I got after my question about the context of e.g. 
"at". One translator filed 2 bugs (thanks!) and the tip on consulting 
the code was very useful. I also liked this tip: have a look at 
translations into other languages. I looked at the French, Spanish and 
German translations of the string "Device Image Part", because I was not 
sure what it meant, and it helped.
So, thanks to all who took part in this discussion.

op 19-07-14 17:28, Phillip Sz schreef:
> Hi,
> >What I must say the German team often force to be the best. They use 
> a brute force method to get the 100% whether the strong will be 
> correct or not.
> That's wrong. We don't do that at all. How can you see this?
> And yes, we also make mistakes, but you can't say that we use brute 
> force methods or trying to be "cool". We always give our best and also 
> test our translations.
> >please do NOT translate "at" or "count" if You do not know the context!
> For example the string "at": you can see that string when you start 
> the app and add a new Event. I had context, when I translated that.
> >do not try to be "cool" just to get a congratulation from David
> ...
> If you have specific problems with me or the german translators team, 
> which are not false accusations, please contact us via our 
> mailing-list or fill a bug. Thanks.
> Phillip

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